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  1. evergreen
    (常緑樹 = 変わらないもの)
  2. and I close to you
  3. Mr. Crazy
  4. Inheritance
  5. Don't call me crazy
  6. A remnant of him/her
  7. Christmas carol
  8. A passing fancy
  9. Play the hypocrite
  10. Sentimentalist
  11. When I close my eyes
  12. What on earth are you doing?
  13. Bend my ear to his voice
  14. Just I wanna be with you
  15. If need be
  16. He has spoiled the whole thing
  17. She is connected with police
  18. Do not turn over
    (天地無用 = 上下逆さまにしてはいけない)
  19. No stars were twinkling in the sky
  20. There are no days that not dawn
  21. I'm sick of hearing that
  22. I came here to save you!
  23. Our journey's end
  24. The drawer is filled up with memories
  25. Don't let it get you down
  26. The view where we had were not changed
  27. Kiss me
  28. Just as you followed me
  29. How can I see the meaning of life
  30. Oneday we were married
  31. Colors of the heart
  32. That's my tactics
  33. He is anything but gentleman!
  34. The sky is turning bright
  35. It is the will of Heaven
  36. They became good friends because they come from the same district
  37. Can you guess how old he is?
  38. That wouldn't be much of a problem
  39. Since the mythological age, there is a tree
  40. He gave her a smack on the face
  41. But the world isn't allow to know it
  42. My lost heart is floating in the high
  43. Are you ready to death?
  44. Incompatible with your love
  45. The warmth of snow which fold everything
  46. I didn't know the way to keep you from me
  47. Bury sad in your smile
  48. Can you hear my voices?
  49. He wandered right from the path
  50. Turned my thoughts toward the old memories
  51. a stony heart
  52. courage to advance
  53. Love is over
  54. hallelujah, hallelujah
  55. The moon lit up the way
  56. I was enchanted with his words
  57. This is an ideal day for washing
  58. Plan a sneak attack
  59. Gain the initiative
  60. Those were the days!
  61. Words I couldn't say
  62. What's hurts the most
  63. cross swords with my dear
  64. the whisper of leaves in the breeze
  65. untitled track
  66. The coast is clear
  67. live everyday as if it were the last day
  68. Over shoes, over boots
  69. more than a feeling
  70. peaks surmounted with snow
  71. An overture
  72. I want the world without you
  73. miniature garden
  74. jolly good fellow
  75. aegis
  76. leave the window ajar for get rid of extra lesson
  77. zonked out
  78. like a drawn blade
  79. a spirit deformed by love
  80. seek the earth for dearest
  81. The only greatness for a man is love someone
  82. right now, my consern is about you
  83. I can't bear you going for her
  84. He distorted the justice that protect you
  85. I don't wanna go, I don't wanna leave
  86. breakout
  87. Killing is my nature
  88. There are evidences that someone has fought in his room
  89. I search for your heart, crying
  90. in this hopeless world
  91. It's the only thing for me that see your back
  92. I was satisfied with only talk to him
  93. A white calendar
  94. Empty heart
  95. A call signal with melodies from you is not ring now
  96. Only see is lacking for me, I want to talk
  97. School zone where I walk alone
  98. In my spare time
  99. Tears fell
  100. Memories of rain
  101. Shall we go now?
  102. Please give me a hand
  103. Just sleeping, probably
  104. Take to the hospital as soon as possible
  105. When I was a kid,
  106. Well, that settle it!
  107. I meant to call, but...
  108. I feel hot in this room
  109. It is time!
  110. It's amazing how bold she/he is!
  111. Do not hesitate
  112. I gave my words
  113. Good!!
  114. I hate you!
  115. Is it you?
  116. Fate
  117. I was sneaking
  118. The true love story
  119. You break my heart
  120. Love is blind
  121. How have you been?
  122. It is the end of the summer,
  123. It might be possible
  124. Your fear is groundless
  125. Don't be silly!
  126. I know that they don't like me
  127. No one told me the truth
  128. Where shall we begin?
  129. I took the wrong train
  130. Why are you late?
  131. Twilight
  132. The twilight of the God
  133. At the bus stop
  134. I swear to the throne
  135. Paradox
  136. Night after night
  137. The ends of the earth
  138. Godfather
  139. Sneak attack
  140. First aid
  141. Noah's ark
  142. I'll certainly find you in the world beyond
  143. I bet you can't do that
  144. The place of our death
  145. The cycle of the seasons
  146. Reminisce about him/her
  147. Sunlight through the trees
  148. Once in a blue moon
  149. Believe me or not
  150. Cry for the moon
  151. If I reached my hand
  152. The whereabouts of the deeply love
  153. As far as the eye can reach
  154. Isn't breakfast ready yet?
  155. I love him/her still
  156. I'm serious!!
  157. Whatever have you been doing to get that blood all over you?
  158. It is the calm before the storm
  159. It's just a game
  160. Have a trial of strength with him
  161. As miserable as sin
  162. Odd and even
  163. Dickey bow
  164. Khaki
  165. Cherish a snake in my bosom
  166. The wheel of fortune
  167. Think positive
  168. The etarnal triangle
  169. Birds of a feather
  170. Careless mistake
  171. Thank you for the compliment
  172. Don't change the subject
  173. Prick the bubble
  174. In the meantime
  175. Please don't mention this to anybody
  176. Sail with the wind
  177. Stay together till parted by death
  178. Air my new ideas
  179. I am on intimate terms with her/him
  180. Go and see who it is
  181. It's an unwelcome favor
  182. I'm all for your plan
  183. Tell me why
  184. You are alone
  185. I can't stand this noise
  186. Why don't you take a short rest?
  187. He/She was the love of my life
  188. Someone staring at you
  189. Nowhere to be found
  190. I coudn't find it in myself to trust anyone again
  191. We will meet again
  192. Take it easy
  193. Be my girl/boy
  194. Punishment for the lies
  195. Wanna get a reaction
  196. Everything is useless
  197. I was getting away
  198. There is nothing to say
  199. All you do is complain
  200. If you pray for eternity
  201. There is no time
  202. To drag out the photographs
  203. That's what they call me
  204. Take my hand and come with me
  205. You know I enjoyed it
  206. The shadow is twisting on the water
  207. Holding you
  208. The past is overdue
  209. I see you smile
  210. Deeply love you forever
  211. As long as love you
  212. Life goes on
  213. No control
  214. It's only in my dream
  215. I like to see you
  216. You're not trusting your heart to anyone
  217. Are you so afraid of needing someone
  218. What I wanted to say
  219. Maybe you're not alone
  220. I won't cry
  221. Moon is the only light
  222. I want to know what love is
  223. We hold the future in our hands
  224. How could I ask for more
  225. That leaves your soul to bleed
  226. The soul afraid of dying that never learns to live
  227. Love is a flower
  228. Believe me
  229. Nothing else matters
  230. I'm ready to go
  231. There's an answer
  232. No one reaches out a hand
  233. Dreams are hard to follow
  234. I threw my caution to the wind
  235. Only you are the life from among the dead
  236. Don't ever stop, right to the top
  237. Things have get no meaning
  238. Nobody knows the way
  239. My heart still remembers
  240. You were always there
  241. Crossing the rubicon
  242. A little prayer for you
  243. I've been searching you
  244. Nothing can hold you back
  245. Do or die
  246. It's for the birds
  247. You asked for it
  248. History repeats itself
  249. All's fair in love and war
  250. From A to Z
  251. I can never relinquish all hope
  252. Liberalism
  253. Stray cat
  254. Tears of joy
  255. I was constrained to tell a lie
  256. Mind your own business
  257. How lucky!
  258. I was moved
  259. I'm home
  260. You're all I need
  261. Please, please, don't go away
  262. I missed you so much
  263. Love or Money?
  264. Give me more little strength
  265. Poison
  266. You're welcome!
  267. If I could fly
  268. Stand by me
  269. Once was light, Now darkness fall
  270. Promise lives within you
  271. Lord knows who I am
  272. Because you've already left my hands
  273. when I laugh, you laugh too
  274. The watch which still stopped
  275. Names and natures often agree
  276. A mechanical doll
  277. History became legend, legend became myth
  278. He's up to something
  279. Questions that need answering
  280. It's my will
  281. Your face flitted through my mind
  282. Why don't you join me?
  283. Without notice
  284. The memory which fade away
  285. The color of sky and you
  286. Neither of us want to end up like them
  287. Give me more your love
  288. It's so complicated
  289. The clouds will be gone somewhere
  290. Transient

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